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Liberal Youth Scotland backs Fred Mackintosh

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The Lib Dem team is campaigning for communities across all of south and south-west Edinburgh. Our Citizen and Focus teams have been actively campaigning in the city for over 40 years.

The Edinburgh South seat at Westminster remains one of the most marginal Lib Dem / Labour battlegrounds in the country and we are determined to win back the Edinburgh South seat at Holyrood.

On this site you will find information on what is happening in south Edinburgh (that's Edinburgh South and Edinburgh Pentlands, and at Westminster, Edinburgh South and Edinburgh South West). And you can find out about the work we're doing on behalf of the people and communities amongst which we live.

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Recent updates

  • Article: Nov 27, 2014

    Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie has today hailed the most significant transfer of powers to the Scottish Parliament since its creation as the "Vow Max".

    A bold new package on welfare and tax powers will see the creation of a new Scottish welfare system with some £2.5billion of powers for the Scottish Parliament.

  • Article: Nov 26, 2014

    Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Willie Rennie, has urged the new First Minister to set out a new agenda on mental health as she sets out her first Programme for Government tomorrow.

    At Scottish Liberal Democrat Autumn conference in Dunfermline this weekend, Mr Rennie revealed that Scottish Liberal Democrats are to call for a new law which would mandate the Scottish Government and Scotland's health service to ensure equal treatment of mental and physical ill health.

  • Article: Nov 25, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Jim Hume MSP has slammed SNP mismanagement of Scotland's health service after a series of new figures published today showed:

    • Fewer patients are being treated within the targeted 18 weeks between referral to first treatment. This has fallen from 91.1 percent of patients in June 2014 to 90.1% of patients in September 2014.
    • 56,252 patients in NHS Scotland were waiting for one of the eight key diagnostic tests and investigations. This is approximately 19% higher than 30 September 2013.
    • 91.0% of patients waiting for a key diagnostic test had been waiting less than six weeks. When comparing to the position at 30 June 2014 and 30 September 2013, this has decreased from 91.9% and 97.4% respectively
    • Performance against the SNP Government's new target of 95 percent of patients to be seen with four hours from arrival at A&E to admission has worsened. During the quarter ending 30 September 2014, the proportion of new attendances at A&E services across Scotland that were seen within four hours was: July- 94.6% ; August - 93.2% ; September - 93.5% ]
    • 5 health boards did not meet the new, lower target.
    • 242 patients spent more than 12 hours in A&E. This compares to 37 in the same quarter of 2013.
  • Article: Nov 25, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrats have criticised the Scottish Government over flagging performance against waiting times for Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

    Figures published today showed that the number of patients seen within 26 weeks has fallen below the 90 percent target achieved in December 2013 to 86.2 percent in the quarter ending September 2014.

  • Article: Nov 25, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrats have warned that health boards face a long winter after figures published today showed that during the quarter July to September 2014, 154,588 bed days were occupied by delayed discharge patients.

    This compares with 149,226 during the quarter April to June 2014 and 126,531 during the quarter July to September 2013.

  • Article: Nov 25, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Jim Hume MSP has called on the Scottish Government to step up its support for mental health services after figures published today showed one in five patients face waiting of over 18 weeks to start treatment for psychological therapies.

    Figures showed that 81.3 percent of patients were treated within 18 weeks, which falls below the Scottish Government's HEAT target for 90 percent of patients to be treated within 18 weeks by December this year.

  • Article: Nov 25, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrats have warned that the SNP Government is sliding backwards as the UK Government strides forwards in its efforts to improve mental health services.

    The warning comes after Deputy Prime Minister today announced he has established a new mental health taskforce which will examine a range of issues around the provision of mental health services.

  • Article: Nov 22, 2014

    Speech from leader of the Scottish Liberal Democats Willie Rennie MSP to Scottish Liberal Democrat conference in Dunfermline:

    Thank you to everyone who sent kind wishes following my period of absence from the political stage. I was undergoing an operation to replace a mangled disc in my neck.

    It was an emergency, not for any medical reasons, but because our campaign director Adam Stachura said it was hindering my canvassing technique.

  • Article: Nov 22, 2014

    Speech from Alistair Carmichael MP, Secretary of State for Scotland, to Scottish Liberal Democrat Autumn conference in Dunfermline:

    Good morning, conference.

    I want to start this morning by doing something that we should probably do more often.

    I want to say thank you.

    I want to thank you for all the doors you knocked, leaflets you delivered, the street stalls you staffed, the telephone calls you made, the posters you put and put up again when they were taken down, and again...

  • Article: Nov 21, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has laid down the gauntlet to new First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to demonstrate that she will walk liberal following Kenny MacAskill being ousted from the role of Justice Secretary in today's Scottish Government reshuffle.

    The outgoing justice secretary was responsible for a host of controversial laws, closures and cuts to Scotland's justice system.