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Liberal Youth Scotland backs Fred Mackintosh

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The Lib Dem team is campaigning for communities across all of south and south-west Edinburgh. Our Citizen and Focus teams have been actively campaigning in the city for over 40 years.

The Edinburgh South seat at Westminster remains one of the most marginal Lib Dem / Labour battlegrounds in the country and we are determined to win back the Edinburgh South seat at Holyrood.

On this site you will find information on what is happening in south Edinburgh (that's Edinburgh South and Edinburgh Pentlands, and at Westminster, Edinburgh South and Edinburgh South West). And you can find out about the work we're doing on behalf of the people and communities amongst which we live.

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Recent updates

  • Article: Dec 21, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrats have raised concerns about the SNP's centralisation juggernaut after it was revealed Scotland's national police force has created of a new central body charged with overseeing the force's approach to road safety and road crime.

    The Road Safety Governance Board, chaired by the Deputy Chief Constable from Crime and Operational support and comprised of members including COPFS, Transport Scotland, Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government Road Safety Strategic Partnership Board, is to provide "strategic oversight and consistency at national level."

  • Article: Dec 21, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has said that Alex Salmond has broken his word to the Scottish people with his claims that he thinks there will be a second referendum on independence.

    In an interview with the Times, Mr Salmond said he now believed there would be another referendum on independence within his lifetime.

  • Article: Dec 17, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has said that Scottish Liberal Democrat will urge the SNP to keep their eye on the ball and do what they can to boost jobs and growth.

    Figures published today showed that whilst the number of those in work has fallen slightly, the rate of unemployment has fallen further to 5.6 percent.

  • Article: Dec 16, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrats have said that sluggish improvements in performance against cancer waiting times targets mean that too many patients are still facing long waits to begin treatment within 62 days of urgent referral.

    Official figures published today showed that 93.5 percent of patients in July-September this year started treatment within 62 days of urgent referral compared to 92.9% for April-June.

  • Article: Dec 16, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has said that the real legacy of the referendum experience must be a reinvigorated democracy.

    An electoral commission report into the referendum published today said that the referendum was well run and an example to be followed. The paper found that 10 percent of the 85 percent of those who turned out to vote were voting for the first time. 109,593 of those were aged 16 and 17.

  • Article: Dec 16, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrats have said that SNP ministers must be unrelenting in their efforts to drive down the £3bn cost of reoffending to Scotland each year.

    The call comes after figures published today showed that seventeen per cent (or 18,231) of all convictions in 2013-14 resulted in a main penalty of a community sentence. These have increased by 5 percentage points since 2004-05.

  • Article: Dec 16, 2014

    South of Scotland MSP Jim Hume has today formally launched his bid to stop smoking in cars with children present. The Scottish Liberal Democrat has now formally introduced a member's bill, which, if passed, could see smokers hit with a £100 fine if they are caught smoking in their car whilst children under the age of 18 are present.

  • Article: Dec 16, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has said that today marks a proud day for equality, as same-sex couples in civil partnerships can marry in Scotland.

    From Hogmanay all same-sex couples will have the legal right to marry.

    Mr Rennie said:

    "Today is a proud day for equality in Scotland. Today, those already in civil partnerships can marry. By Hogmanay, people in Scotland will celebrate ringing in a new year and ringing in a fairer society. Scotland will join its place with England and Wales where we celebrate love equally, gay or straight.

    "This festive period we should enjoy an extra toast to the same sex couples getting married and be proud that now everyone has that choice, and the freedom which comes from it."

  • Article: Dec 15, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrats have said that urgent action must be taken to put health boards back on track towards meeting crucial mental health waiting time targets.

    Mental health charity SAMH today expressed their disappointment that only four out of 14 health boards are meeting the target for 90 percent of patients to be seen within 18 weeks. The new target is due for delivery by health boards from this month.

  • Article: Dec 15, 2014

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has urged Holyrood's Finance Committee to recall the Head of Revenue Scotland to give evidence after a report from Audit Scotland into the new tax body stood completely at odds with a statement given by the tax chief at the committee where she said "there is nothing negative that I need to report."