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Liberal Youth Scotland backs Fred Mackintosh

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The Lib Dem team is campaigning for communities across all of south and south-west Edinburgh. Our Citizen and Focus teams have been actively campaigning in the city for over 40 years.

The Edinburgh South seat at Westminster remains one of the most marginal Lib Dem / Labour battlegrounds in the country and we are determined to win back the Edinburgh South seat at Holyrood.

On this site you will find information on what is happening in south Edinburgh (that's Edinburgh South and Edinburgh Pentlands, and at Westminster, Edinburgh South and Edinburgh South West). And you can find out about the work we're doing on behalf of the people and communities amongst which we live.

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Recent updates

  • Article: Apr 25, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has said his party will lead Scotland's fight against climate change if the SNP won't.

    Mr Rennie nailed Lib Dem green credentials to the mast today at Pedal on Parliament in Edinburgh as he set out a radical green agenda with five green laws to protect nature and fight climate change.

  • Article: Apr 24, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has warned that the future of the country is now hanging on the judgement of Nicola Sturgeon's gut.

    It comes after Nicola Sturgeon, in a newspaper interview today, said that she would decide when the SNP would put forward a second referendum. The statement leaves even more questions over the SNP's plan to renege on previous pledge that the independence referendum would be a once in a generation event.

  • Article: Apr 24, 2015

    The City fears an economic lurch to the Right or Left, Danny Alexander warned today.

    In a speech in Aberdeen, the Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury said Britain's investment banks, rating agencies and economists are concerned by a Tory or Labour Government.

    He said Britain's markets craved the stability and balanced economic approach fought for by the Liberal Democrats over the last five years.

  • Article: Apr 23, 2015

    Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Willie Rennie, will today set out his party's families manifesto to support families across Scotland, saying the proposals put forward by others parties have been 'found wanting'.

    The families manifesto sets out proposals on expanding free childcare; an additional month of shared parental leave; investment in mental health services; a carer's bonus worth £250 per year and the restriction on the marketing and advertising of junk food.

  • Article: Apr 23, 2015

    Speaking in response to the detailed analysis of the different parties' fiscal plans by the IFS, the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie MSP said:

    "Liberal Democrats have been praised for having the most transparent plans.

    "We have shown clearly how we will pay for our increase in spending on the health service in Scotland.

  • Article: Apr 22, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander today said that working Scots would have faced a £700 income tax bombshell if the SNP had been in a position to implement their tax policy in 2010.

    He warned that Scots will miss out on a further tax cut worth £400 a year by the end of the next Parliament if the SNP gets its way.

  • Article: Apr 22, 2015

    Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Willie Rennie MSP, has today set out the priorities for the Scottish Liberal Democrat "manifesto of opportunity".

    On a visit to South Queensferry in Edinburgh West with Liberal Democrat Business Minister Jo Swinson and Liberal Democrat Edinburgh West candidate Mike Crockart, Mr Rennie set out key Scottish Liberal Democrat commitment to build a stronger economy and a fairer society.

  • Article: Apr 20, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael has said that the SNP's manifesto is short-term thinking lead to long term debt.

    At the launch of the SNP's General Election Manifesto today, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed the SNP's £180bn borrowing plan - which would cost £3.1bn each year in interest repayments alone.

  • Article: Apr 19, 2015

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has warned that the SNP's hokey-cokey dance on how they would introduce their full fiscal autonomy plans is a diversionary tactic.

    It comes after SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, speaking on the Marr Show, repeated recent SNP claims that it would seek to gradually introduce full fiscal autonomy.

    Ahead of the SNP's manifesto launch tomorrow (Monday 20th April), Mr Rennie challenged the SNP once and for all to explain how they would fill a £7.6bn black hole caused by their plans.

    Mr Rennie said:

    "The SNP's hokey cokey on full fiscal autonomy is a diversionary tactic from the £7.6bn black hole it would blow in public funds.

    "The party that once said independence could be done and dusted in 18 months now says their plans for full fiscal autonomy could take years. We know that the SNP have a habit of saying one thing in public and another in private.

    "So they need to come clean and tell voters how they plan to fill this £7.6bn hole in public funds - is it through cuts or tax hikes?

    "In each of our eleven held seats it is clear that if you want economic stability, investment in our NHS and a stronger Scotland, you must vote Lib Dem."

  • Article: Apr 19, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has called on people across Scotland to keep the economic recovery on track.

    The call comes as he published Liberal Democrat analysis which lays bare the devastating impact the SNP's full fiscal autonomy plans would have on communities across Scotland.

    People in Glasgow, dubbed by the SNP as "Yes city" could face a near £1bn hit to public services under the SNP's plans which would see an £8.4bn black hole in public finances.

    Earlier this week, the Scottish Liberal Democrat published a dossier showing how the SNP have centralised the life out of Scotland.

    Commenting on the full fiscal autonomy analysis, Danny Alexander said:

    "These devastating figures lay bare the true cost of the SNP's plans to communities across Scotland. It shows that voting SNP is risky business if you want strong public services.

    "Only Liberal Democrats have put forward costed and responsible plans to balance the books by 2018. We'd cut less than the Conservatives and borrow less than the SNP and Labour.

    "The SNP's full fiscal autonomy plans would be felt even harshly in Scotland after they cut the ties of pooling and sharing across the UK. Our analysis shows that in Glasgow, local services could face a £1bn hit to already stretched resources. In the Highland's, this would represent a cut of over £356m.

    "The SNP have centralized the life out of Scotland. Their full fiscal autonomy plans would flatline the beating heart of local communities.

    "This shows why, on May 7th, people need to vote Liberal Democrat in each of our eleven held seats so that we can stop the SNP and guarantee the economic recovery for all."